About Us

At the core of everything we do, is our customers best interests.

Professional transport operators, committed to top-tier service from pickup to delivery.

Flex Contract Logistics specialises in local distribution, whether it be on an adhoc or permanent basis as well as linehual interstate movements to every corner of Australia.

Built on a safety first mindset, customers at the forefront of everything we do, Flex Contract Logistics offers a reliable and superior service.

Our vision is to become the leading transport solutions provider in Australia.

Dedicated trucks and clever logistics technology mean nothing without road transport expertise and devotion to getting the job done.

The Flex Contract Logistics team all share a commitment to compliance and a determination to deliver the best possible service, on every single trip.

Leading-edge transport solutions, led by a team of trucking professionals

  • Safety is first

    The team at Flex are diverse in background, skills and expertise, but if one thing unites us it’s our unwavering dedication to compliance and safety. From loading and lifting to fatigue management, safety is everything.

  • Customer Centricity

    The main focus of transport solutions tends to be vehicles, logistics and supply chains. But the real secret to success lies behind the scenes, with a team of transport experts and a team committed to customer care.

  • National trucking expertise

    If you need to move your freight locally, interstate or further into the rural regions, you need a trusted national network able to handle the work. Flex has transport solutions in every corner of the country.

  • Happy, highly valued team

    Having a happy, cared for, motivated team who love their work is at the core of how we do things at Flex, because we know that value and respect flows right through into the service you receive and the results we deliver.

  • Driven by word-of-mouth

    When you use Flex to book after your linehaul or distribution, we want to make sure you tell people about the great experience you have and the results we deliver. Everyone on our team is geared to give you the best possible service.

  • We love your feedback

    What you need to happen and how you need it done is ultimately all we really care about at Flex Contract Logistics, so when you have any feedback about how we deliver our transport services, we listen.

Put simply, you will love the way we do transport differently.

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Metro. Regional. Interstate. Direct door-to-door delivery & unlimited multiple stops.